MF  Thang Seasoning Mix 2oz

MF Thang Seasoning Mix 2oz

Out with the Lawry's and Old Bay, ditch your QFC Steak Rub and start seasoning your food with our new, homemade spice mix.


We begin by sun drying Washington grown Hungarian peppers to make our own Paprika and dehydrating Walla Walla sweet onions and Washington Purple Garlic to create our base. Next we add stone ground cumin, ancho chili, and black pepper to add a little heat that rounds out this versatile mix of flavors. 


A little goes a long way! When you taste the complexity of local, organic, homemade spices and powders, you may never go back to grocery store seasonings again. We love MF Seasoning on roasted sweet potatoes, pork chops, and salmon fillets: but it truly is as versatile as you need it to be. Enjoy!